Sb K1 Jackpot Dlr


Cag-Deck Combo Long-sleeve

Hiko Sport

Extremely light long sleeve combo designed for slalom racers. Combining ZEPHYR paddle cag with Jackpot spraydeck.


ZEPHYR is made out of Carboflex with celulose base. The inner layer has a special coating that allows the material slide smoothly on bare skin. Neoprene cuffs and collar are constructed from thin and flexible Neopspan for more comfort.



for kayak whitewater paddlers. This spraydeck has a special pocket at

the front, it is suitable for a front panel of Jackpot PFD. The pocket

on top of the spraydeck and the spraydeck itself are designed to

compress the pillow of Jackpot PFD below the level of the deck when

inserted. The pocket is made out of very light and flexible fabric that

has PU coating. Thanks to that, spraydeck doesn’t get heavier.